Rhinomanometers are instruments measuring the nasal breathing resistance.

Rhinomanometry is gaining an ever increasing importance in the continuous monitoring of medicinal and physical-therapeutic measures. Nowadays, neither occupational healthcare with its medical check-ups initiated by the Trade Associations nor otorhinolaryngology and allergology are imaginable without rhinomanometry.

The nasal breathing resistance is of great importance also in pulmonology, in reconstructive facial surgery and in sports medicine. Rhinomanometers are instruments measuring the nasal breathing resistance (pressure, airflow). The measured values will be presented to the ear, nose and throat specialist on an LCD display.

Developed by IPR

The patient will be offered the opportunity to train the breathing process before the actual measurement. The instrument will then calculate certain parameters from the measured values which are compared with standard values. The instrument can be easily operated via its three keys and a simple menu navigation. The examination results will then be documented with the help of an internal printer.

Major components of the rhinomanometer which has been developed by IPR GmbH are internally produced and currently marketed by an external company that is well established in the industry and has also been assigned with the final assembly of the instrument.

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