Test automation

Safe and automated testing

We can test software and hardware according to the requirement criteria with the test framework RBTsafe which we have developed. The V-model covers all test levels.
The module tests will be carried out in the BUILD configuration DEBUG without external input stimulants via variable access with JTAG debugger.
For performing the integration tests an overall test with the software will be carried out in the BUILD configuration DEBUG without any external input stimulants via the variable access with JTAG debugger and external connection with network variables.
For the purpose of system tests, the entire system will be tested so as to ascertain, whether it meets the functional requirements.

Advantages of using RBTsafe

  • high test coverage in the V-model development process for all test levels.
  • cost reduction by saving the licensing fees for runtime licenses as compared with fees for fulltime versions
  • open interfaces (CFG, XML files, SQL) to test management tools (QABook, MKS, Rational Team Concert)
  • tests being run overnight
  • qualified assessments of merged test results: negative tests, time or signal limitations while the test is running
  • risk minimization through regression and performance tests
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