Automation equipment

Automation equipment

The automation of processes is of particular importance, especially in countries with a high wage level. Simple operations can, in most cases, be automated with very little input by using a small programmable logic controller (SPS). Apart from defining the sequence control, the automation also includes sensors for detecting conditions and actuators for control functions.

IPR GmbH designs and implements solutions on the basis of your assignments at fixed prices!

Unless we talk about an individual solution, IPR GmbH can design small appliances on the basis of micro-controllers with a view to your specific problem. Such kind of equipment will be developed professionally and extremely fast with price benefits for a small number of units already included!

More complex control systems are usually implemented by using industrial PCs. In order to do so, IPR GmbH designs and develops a special operating software, such as visualization systems and test program generators. The company has gained particular experience in developing systems that integrate mechanical and electronic components, which are in high demand for the construction of test benches for the automotive industry.

Please find to two reference examples under:

Laserreliefmeter (laser relief meter)


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