Sting Interface Computer


Sting Interface Computer (SIC)

IPR supplies the microprocessor-based control technology for one of the largest wind tunnels. The objects to be measured (aircrafts, automobiles) need to be moved in the measurement section via 4 axles. With the SIC for controlling the axle drives and with the associated software for the data exchange with the master computer for the coordinates (Sting Support System), IPR makes an important contribution to the entire project.

The SIC system that links the STS with the Sting system consists of the SIC itself, the manual terminal and the display of the actual values. The manual terminal is a mobile operating unit for the SIC during the preparation and calibration phases. The SIC will adjust the positions of the four axles, with the axle status the being transmitted to an SPS (EPC800).
Software development of the interface computers with real time kernel (ON time).

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